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Kirahvikollektiivi is a Helsinki-based theatre ensemble focused on contemporary puppetry and object theatre.

At the moment we are having a break from touring.

Uurretut (The Engraved) was a performance for adults. Communicating mainly by visual images and sound, the performance dealt with themes of old age with warmth but without sugar coating the rough side of getting old.

Uurretut was based on stories told by elderly people and was made in cooperation with the residents and staff of a local nursing home.

The premier was on 15th Feb 2013 in Helsinki.

Purkkipurkkipurkki (Potpotpot) was an object theatre performance for babies and toddlers - and for anyone who loves surprises. Without words the Purkkipurkkipurkki was suitable for people of any language.

People behind the work

Direction and dramaturgy: Suvi Auvinen
Performers: Annastiina Storm & Maaria Tuhkunen
Music and sound: Marko Pakarinen
Script and visualisation: Auvinen, Storm & Tuhkunen